London Docks Filming Locations – Mail Van Murder

The Mail Van Murder

Using a map of the time and an aerial photograph Ray and Ron Glenister have been able to place some of the screen Capture moments that took place in the London Docks.

Crane driver looking over the entrance to the London Docks and warehouses beyond

Capture 26

A map extract of the London Docks showing the view of a crane driver in a film screen capture.

Western Dock, North and East Quay










Extract from a Black and White film showing a crane operator overlooking the London Docks entrance.

Capture 27











Extract from a Black and White film showing a man walking from a warehouse towards the quay side and a moored ship.

Capture 41

Map extract showing filming and character location at docks

Map of docks extract showing boat location


A view across the London docks and a moored ship.

Capture 42












Aerial view of London Docks showing entrance, courtesy of Britain from Above

With thanks to and with the courtesy of Britain From Above EPW044140 1934 – showing the swing bridge and the car park. The building in Capture 26 does not fit this image but the reconstruction during the time lapse is quite likely.