Loseley Park, Guildford, Surrey

21st July 2017

Contributors to Reelstreets will know that doing what we do can open up opportunities to head for areas that we would not normally consider or visit specific locations that we perhaps had never previously heard of. The latter certainly happened to me when covering The Counterfeit Gang and subsequently learning that Loseley Park and indeed the House, had featured in other films and a number of more recent TV productions. It transpires however, that many with a sweeter palate than mine have certainly heard of Loseley ice cream! Notwithstanding that some of the locations featured on our Site were “off piste” to a visitor I received a ready invitation to visit the property with a view to perhaps covering the appropriate spots. Whilst I have included our customary acknowledgement of assistance within the “now” shots I could not let the occasion pass without a wider THANK YOU to the More-Molyneux family who so readily showed their willingness to assist and for permitting me to upload pictures of the “private” aspects of the home. They, together with Joanna and Head Guide Jennie provided enthusiastic interest in the objectives of Reelstreets, the support and involvement of all is very much appreciated. In addition, Maggie and I had a thoroughly enjoyable and informative day in a very beautiful, peaceful setting, thank you all.