Talking Pictures TV

16th November 2017

The logo of Talking Pictures TV

It has recently come to our attention that from the afternoon of Thursday 30th November Talking Pictures TV will be available on Freeview NATIONWIDE to 90% of the Country. If you can currently watch Yesterday Channel on number 19 or Home on number 25 you will be able to receive it (well, virtually everyone!). No need for any special TV or HD box equipment, the signal is being boosted so even more people will be able to watch on channel 81 Nationwide.

We, and we know that many of our contributors currently enjoy this channel and as a result a number of locations have been resolved, indeed two very recently, as a result of viewing a film. Please help us and Talking Pictures by supporting their extended coverage.

Talking Pictures TV can currently be viewed on Virgin 445, Freesat 306, Freeview 81, Youview 81 and Sky Channel 343. It is also available on free-to-air satellite service.