Are You In Spain?

13th June 2018

Are you in Spain? Are you near the Cuenca, Castile-La-Mancha province on the 23rd June? If so, Robert Yareham has brought to our attention an event at Uclés that has featured in a number of films. As you will see Robert, who has contributed to Reelstreets will be speaking. Oh yes, it is free!

There follows a Google Translation of the details together with the poster.

PEOPLES OF MOVIE: Uclés of cinema.

Spain is full of film towns, towns that stand out for their beauty, gastronomy and monuments. Some are literally movie towns, as is the case of Uclés in the province of Cuenca, where they have shot a large number of films, series and ads, especially taking advantage of its 16th century monastery.

It was there in Uclés that Captain Alatriste faced his last battle, and where the four musketeers finally reached and killed the evil Rochefort (Christopher Lee) and Milady (Faye Dunnaway) in the film directed by Richard Lester, director also of Que Noche From That Day with The Beatles, How I Won the War, which brought John Lennon to Almeria or Robin and Marian, Audrey Hepburn’s only film in Spain, where a veteran of Spanish film, Sean Connery, also participated.

And it is in the monastery of Uclés on June 23 at 5:00 pm that an event will be held to explore the film history of Uclés and examine the possibilities offered by film tourism for people with a film history.

Who will be speaking:

Laura Tejerina, Secretary of Spain of Cinema, expert in the tourism of cinema in the world, especially Bollywood.

Bob Yareham, a British professor based in Valencia, author of Movies Made in Spain, the story of more than 700 English-language films shot here.

Mike Villanueva of the Film Commission of Castilla La Mancha

Pepe Alfaro expert and author of several works on cinema in the province of Cuenca.

Ana M. Galvéz, councilor of culture and tourism of Uclés.

Dorian Sanz, author of a short film shot in Uclés.

There will also be a presentation of the exhibition project of photos about the filming in Uclés and will speak neighbors who have participated in them.

Everything in order a day of cinema.

The event is free and open to everyone.


O Ana Galvéz


A poster for a film event at Ucles, Spain