Autumn 2018 Meeting

28th September 2018

Arrangement have been finalised for the Autumn Meeting, we hope so see some more faces to put to names as the numbers grew in the Spring. It sounds like a “Pub Crawl”, well it is, but essentially it is the locations and their associated film(s). We do hope that you can join us at one or all of the locations.

Friday 12th October 2018

Gathering at The Cow for 1530hrs

In Westbourne Green and along Portobello Road

Travel to Royal Oak station on the Circle or Hammersmith & City lines and exit onto Lord Hill’s Bridge. The station appears in the background during ‘This Happy Breed’ and fleetingly in ‘O Lucky Man!’ while the bridge is seen in ‘Herostratus’ and ‘The Traitors’.


Turn left and cross the road at the junction before entering Westbourne Park Villas. At the junction on the left stands the former British Rail Record Offices behind which was the depot that Bob Holt took his engine to in ‘The Last Journey’.

Walk along Westbourne Park Villas . . . . .

. . . . . to pass Professor Willingdon’s lodgings before reaching Westbourne Park Passage which was seen in ‘Seven Days to Noon’ and ‘The Knack . and How to Get It’ with the southernmost end featuring in ‘The Crowded Day’.

Continue to The Cow at 89 Westbourne Park Road W2, the sign of which is glimpsed on a route that ‘Clegg’ follows in his Austin A30. (7 min walk)

From The Cow we walk west to the corner of Chepstow Road and turn left. Following this road until reaching Artesian Road on the right, it’s a brief walk which will bring us to The Cock & Bottle at the corner of Needham Road which was seen briefly in ‘Afraid of the Dark’ from 1991. (10 min walk)

Continuing further to the end of Artesian Road we turn left into Ledbury Road where The Walmer Castle greets us a short way along Westbourne Grove. The pub can just be made out during the chase sequence during ‘Who Done It?’. (2 min walk)

From here we walk south to reach Westbourne Grove where we turn right and carry on until reaching the corner of Portobello Road and The Earl of Lonsdale. Formerly Henekeys, this bar features in ‘Otley‘ and ‘Tonite Let’s All Make Love in London’ and the corner outside is seen in ‘The File of the Golden Goose’. (5 min walk)


Moving north now, at the junction of Portobello Road and Elgin Crescent is The Duke of Wellington which saw a few frames of fame in ‘Bullet to Beijing’. (3 min walk)

Continuing to our next venue, on the other side of Portobello Road, south of the junction with Westbourne Park Road is Dunworth Mews which apart from playing a part of ‘The Moon Over the Alley’ is seen in ‘Mantrap’.

At the corner of Westbourne Park Road and Portobello Road W11 stands The Castle. This establishment appears in ‘Notting Hill’, ‘The Moon Over the Alley’, ‘Adventures of a Taxi Driver’ and ‘I Hired A Contract Killer’. (3 min walk)

The far northern end of Portobello Road is off our route but is seen in ‘Who Done It?’ whilst nearer, around Westway ‘Seven Green Bottles’, ‘Breaking Glass’ and ‘Pressure’ had scenes shot. Various other sections of the famous road can be viewed in ‘The Wind of Change’ and ‘West 11’ at the corner of Colville Terrace; ‘Notting Hill’ at number 142; ‘The Italian Job’; ‘Burning an Illusion’; ‘Martha, Meet Frank, Daniel and Laurence’; ‘Horrors of the Black Museum’ and ‘The Gentle Trap’ opposite Portobello Court Estate and ‘Villain’ at the corner of Lonsdale Road.

Heading east along Onward along Westbourne Park Road brings us to The Oak, previously named The British Oak, at the corner of Shrewsbury Road. The pub, now a restaurant opening at six thirty, appears in ‘Duffer’ and ‘Clegg’ while Shrewsbury Road is seen in archive footage during ‘Mr. Nice’. (8 min walk)

To return to Royal Oak station, just continue along Westbourne Park Road and Westbourne Park Villas to reach Lord Hill’s Bridge. (9 min walk)


Attendance was essentially “the hard core”, which was a pity, as it is always good to have refreshing input from those less regular attendees or those with whom we correspond but have never met face to face. If you did not or do not come as a result of something that we can do or don’t do please tell us so that we can make the occasion more inviting.

For the record Richard holds the float at £28.99 and Simon has still to cough up £3.40 from the Spring meeting, we may have to get an IOU out of him!

The “early birds” at the “The Cow”

John T, Peter, Adrian, Tris, Richard L and Phil Bailey

Phil W, owner of the nearly empty glass, took the photo.

A “Group Photo” taken for us by a charming passer-by as we arrive at the Turquoise Triangle building (Spice World – Capture 16)

Tris, John T, Phil W, Richard L, Adrian, Peter, Phil Bailey and Simon J


Someone will remember whether we were coming or going out side The Earl of Lonsdale.

Peter, John T, Richard L and Phil Bailey




Highlights of the last few months

In March – Richard and Phil sat on the Q&A panel following a sell-out public showing of the 1962 film ‘Some People’ organised by the Universities of Bristol and East Anglia.

In August – we reached a total of 2000 films on line with over 25,000 comparison shots.

In September – ReelStreets teamed up with Talking Pictures Television to conduct a tour of film locations in Ealing.