Once again, are you in Spain? If not…..

20th November 2018

…you may still be interested. Our contributor friend in Spain Robert Yareham has brought to our attention that he and others are working to bring to Valencia, Maurice Reyna, the actor who starred in the 1960 film, The Boy Who Stole a Million and are making a crowdfunding to make it happen.

Full details regarding the crowdfunding, the objective and allocation of funds can be read at:


You can read about the history of the film here:

Bringing Back Maurice to Valencia

At the moment, it is possible to view the movie here:


Naturally it is hoped that many small contributions will allow Maurice & his wife to travel and for the project to succeed.

It sounds like a good project for someone to take screen captures and matching “now’s” for Reelstreets. We will gladly support any volunteer.